We Prepare Total Loss Fair Market Value Appraisals for Insurance Claim Disputes.

Car totaled and Feel Cheated by the amount offered by the Insurance company? Are they trying to pay you thousands less than what you’re owed? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACEPT THE INSURER’S OFFER! Diminished Value of Oregon not only prepares Diminished Value Appraisals, but we also prepare Vehicle Fair Market Value Appraisals for use in Total Loss claim disputes. If the claim is against your own insurance company, in most instances you can also hire us to negotiate your claim. Our negotiator has over 30 years automotive negotiation and mediation experience. Don’t try negotiating your own claim against a profession from the insurance company that does this every day. You need an expert on your side.

If your claim is with your insurer, you may have the right to an appraisal if your policy includes an appraisal provision. Your insurer must reimburse your reasonable. appraisal costs if the final appraised value is greater than the insurer’s last offer. This
provision applies to all new policyholders on or after January 1, 2010 and to current policyholders upon the first renewal of their policy that occurs on or after January 1, 2010. Call us for more information.

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