Diminished Value Oregon

When looking for an Diminished Value  Appraiser in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area, you want an unbiased appraiser. Not someone who works for Insurance Companies on a regular basis, which most Diminished Value Appraisers do. According to Ken, he’s one of only two or three vehicle appraisers in Oregon that he knows of that only work for consumers. According to Ken, “I believe it is a conflict of interest to work for the same companies that consumers whom I provide appraisals for are suing”. Ken says he would have no problem preparing “ONE” appraisal for an Insurance Company, but no more than that in a year’s time. Appraisers who provide 5-10 appraisals per month are indebted to the insurance companies. Some of these appraisers are being paid as much as $400. per appraisal. Multiply that by 10 and that appraiser has $4000 reasons to provide a VERY conservative appraisal for the insurance companies. Now look at National Companies like CCC and VCC that provide thousands of appraisals for insurance companies, and in Ken’s opinion, he believes there is sufficient motive for them to have developed a methodology that would always be extremely conservative and benefit the Insurance company. This is of course, Ken’s OPINION only. But at the same time, it’s funny how their methodology uses a “secret” proprietary formula. Ken has just one question, if an appraiser or appraisal company was not producing lowball results for an insurance company, how long would they keep them on their payroll?

Ken has over 20 years experience in the automotive industry and has sold nearly every vehicle Make and Model made including Porsche, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, GMC, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Kia, Hyundai, Mini Cooper and many other vehicles. And he doesn’t just know a little about the vehicles, he has advanced product knowledge of some of the best selling vehicles sold in Oregon. He can talk to you about Honda’s A.C.E. frame system, to Volvo’s Whips system designed to prevent whiplash, to why airbags have Gold contacts. (Gold is the best conductor of electricity and doesn’t corrode. This enables the air bag system to work properly even after years of not being used.

Why choose Ken over other appraisers?. Ken has actual experience in vehicle sales and negotiation. Most appraisers come from the collision repair field and not only have little or no experience in vehicle valuations, but also know very little about negotiation and/or vehicle sales. Many times valuations are negotiated by your appraiser and the insurance company’s appraiser. Who do you want negotiating your car’s value? Someone with over 28 years negotiation and sales experience, or a guy that worked for a body shop for 5 years.

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