money back guarantee Diminshed Value Appraisal



We believe in happy clients, and offer a 100% money back guarantee on all premium Diminished Value Appraisals*. *This only applies to Appraisals with physical inspections by our appraiser.


To qualify for our money back guarantee, you must meet the following requirements:

The vehicle must not have any prior damage and/or accident history no matter if you were aware of the prior damage or accident or not.

The final settlement must be less than the cost of the appraisal.

Leased vehicles are not eligible for our money back guarantee.

You must provide evidence of filing in court against the at-fault driver and the award must be less than the cost of the fees you paid for the appraisal.

Situations where we will not refund your money if you do not receive at least the cost of the appraisal:

  • You have previous undisclosed damage at the time you request of the assignment. (Each collision must have a separate report and each additional report will be extra)
  • You have not followed reasonable pursuit of the claim, this includes filing a civil lawsuit for diminished value and arriving at a verdict.
  • Your vehicle has previous undisclosed frame damage. In this case, all guarantees are null and void.
  • You do not provide us with needed documentation to complete the appraisal.
  • If we determine that we can not complete the appraisal due to prior damage, prior losses or claims, incomplete documentation, etc. work will be billed at $75 per hour, and any remaining time value will be refunded. Example: We spend 2 hours working on producing your appraisal, You paid $275 for the appraisal. You would be billed for $150.00, and would receive $125 back as a refund. Money back Guarantee is only valid if appraisal is completed and filed against the appropriate parties.












*The money back guarantee only applies to Premium Appraisals with physical inspections by our appraiser.

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