Hi, Welcome to Diminished Value OF Oregon’s website. We’re also known as DV Oregon. DV Oregon helps people who have been in a car wreck in the past 6 years, and someone else was at fault, to claim their diminished value. Due to new Oregon consumer laws, You have up to six years to file a claim for Diminished Value in Oregon. That’s money that you may still be able to claim. We find that a large number of insurance companies did not have claimants sign a waiver to prevent them from claiming Diminished Value for the loss of resale value on their wrecked car or truck. And due to Oregon Law, you can still claim it if it was not more than 6 years ago.

So, it must be hard to claim right? Not at all. All it takes is a Diminished Value Appraisal, and a simple demand letter (which we supply a sample of) to get the ball rolling. Normally you’ll settle in less than 30 days.

Ken – Settled today for $3,000.  Thank you very much for all your help.  Couldn’t have gotten this settlement without you! – Jessica in Portland, Oregon (this client is a senior attorney for an insurance company and used us for her personal claim)

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