I had a prospective client from Troutdale call me in May about his 2002 BMW 325i and ask, “Do older cars have diminished value?”. Well, of course, but the real question is, “is it enough to validate pursuing a claim”? In Doug’s case it was. Initially I did the appraisal and the BMW came up clean on Carfax and Autocheck for any previous collisions. When Doug, the client, submitted the appraisal to Nationwide, they claimed the vehicle had suffered a previous collision and that Diminished Value should also be taken into consideration. So I revised the appraisal to include the previous damage.  Nationwide wasn’t exactly happy with my conclusions. Here’s what Doug had to say about his appraisal.

I am amazed at the service that I received from Ken Nix at Diminished Value of Oregon. He was extremely thorough, at times I even thought this guy works really hard for the small fee that he charged me upfront. It was worth every penny because in the end after negotiating with the insurance company , I got his fee back that I paid upfront and the settled amount of the claim was over 1500% , that’s 15 times more than my original cost to hire Ken !!!! Thats a whole lot better than Ive been doing in the stock market lately !!!! My 1st offer from the insurance company was $100.00. If it wasn’t for Ken and his knowledge I would have never got $1770.00 !!!! Thanks again Ken !!!!
Sincerely Doug W.
2002 BMW 325i
Troutdale, Oregon

Thank You Doug, We really appreciate your kind words. – Ken Nix

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