Diminished Value of Oregon has been helping Oregonians in the Portland, Oregon Metro area collect their lost resale value from car accidents since 2010. In those few short years, Ken has developed an appraisal process that is a true USPAP compliant appraisal with both pre-loss and post repair comparables if possible. Although he still offers opinion based appraisals to allow those wanting a less expensive option, the full Diminished Value appraisal is very difficult for an insurance company to combat due to it being based on true market comparables. If you’re interested in an appraisal that gives you actual comparable proof instead of a formula or an opinion.

According to Ken, 99.9% of the diminished value appraisals available to people in Oregon are not fully USPAP compliant. Many appraisers market them as being USPAP compliant since they use market comparables to determine the average retail price of like vehicles in the same condition as the subject vehicle in its pre-loss state. So if you’re looking for a solid diminished value appraisal in Oregon, make sure to request a sample appraisal from Diminished Value of Oregon so you can see what all the fuss is about.



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