Do I have an Oregon diminished value claim?

  • If the other driver was at fault and their insurance company is paying for the repairs to your car.
  • If you did not receive a ticket.
  • If you are the owner, or buying your car. Leasing does not count. It would be the Leasing company that would be awarded the Diminished Value.
  • If your accident was less than six years ago.


Beware some of the spin doctors on the Internet who may say:

  • You can’t file for Diminished Value if your car has less than $3500. damage. Usually this is Attorneys that are looking for the big wins.
  • Your vehicle must be six years old or newer. WHAT??? What about a 2001 Corvette? Think they’ll still pay $22,000 for a ‘vette with a history of $12,000 damage? HAH!
  • Your vehicle has been in an accident before you don’t qualify. It still may have diminished value. Call me for a free consultation. We may even be able to claim the first accident.


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