Can’t I call Diminished Value Appraisers in Oregon until someone gives me the value I’m looking for? Many people believe they can call multiple diminished value appraisers and then use the one who provides the highest Diminished Value claim estimate.

Over inflating an estimated value in order to secure a client is illegal. We do our best to give you a conservative estimate of the amount of your claim with the known information. New information such as previous damage, change in condition and severity of damage can change those estimated values.

Beware appraisers willing to Inflate the value of your claim. This is insurance fraud, and you may be the one charged instead of the appraiser. Insurance companies take fraud very seriously.  If you hear, “that’s a no brainer”, you have 45% diminished value. Be wary. Very few times are there claims that are over 30% of the pre-loss value. Online auto sales companies like AutoSource Motors who specialize in selling branded title vehicles have closed the gap from the huge claims years ago. Insurance companies know this and if your appraisal is not inline with “comparable averages’, they will only pay you pennies on the dollar, if anything.

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