Wow, what some people will do for a buck. My guess is they’ve come up with some off the wall calculation and they’re banking that most people will not pursue trying to get their money back after they find out the insurance company is laughing in their face. Either that or it is so conservative, that an insurance company is happy to take that report over their own. I’m guessing the latter. With Diminished Value claims getting more exposure, there is sure to be people out to take advantage of their people’s gullibility. Building a valid valuation is not an easy task. It takes research and a lot of it. If it was so simple, I’d be churning these out in record time. But the truth is, it’s not. There are times that a valuation takes weeks to prepare. Anyone can write a number on a piece of paper and claim it is a Diminished Value report. The proof is in the pudding as they say. When the other appraiser asks to speak with your appraiser, what the hell are you going to say? Because they’re not going to speak to them, and the insurance company will claim you appraisal is invalid and that you’re stuck with their appraisal.

Beware these fly-by-night operators. They only want your money and they don’t care how bad their report will damage your claim. They’ll disappear and will reappear under a new name next month after the heat gets to hot in the kitchen. If you don’t use myself, at least use a licensed vehicle appraiser. I’d nearly prefer the guys who work for the insurance companies over these scam companies who claim their methodology is a proprietary secret. I think I’ll head on down to Wilsonville Toyota, at least they claim they have NO BULL around there. LOL

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