How do I collect my Diminished Value? In Oregon, you need sufficient evidence to show that your vehicle has lost resale value. A diminished value appraisal produced by a licensed Oregon Auto Appraiser is the best way to prove your claim. (Beware, as Oregon is one of the few states that license Auto Appraisers and most online appraisers are not licensed in Oregon) The appraisal should be USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) compliant. Most “ONLINE appraisals” are based on the 17c Formula that was produced by State Farm, and will not produce an accurate value of your loss. Formula 17c was designed to cap the diminished value at 10% of the pre-loss value. i.e. a $20,000 car could only have $2,000 in diminished value even if it suffered severe frame damage.

Why do I have to hire an appraiser, can’t a car dealership give me an appraisal? In Oregon, a valid auto appraisal must be prepared by a auto appraiser. Someone who has no interest in the vehicle as that would be bias. The appraiser should not operate a mechanic’s shop, sell vehicles for profit, or have any reason to be bias in the preparation of the appraisal. This can be grounds for the insurance company to void the appraisal.

Our Appraiser, Ken Nix, is Licensed and Authorized by the State of Oregon, to appraise vehicles for Diminished Value, Total Loss, Insurance coverage, Bankruptcy, or Charity. Ken is a judicial expert, who by virtue of training, education, and experience holds sufficient knowledge of vehicle sales and valuation to valuate vehicles not only in the great State of Oregon, but also the great state of Washington. Many of the appraisers online do not hold a vehicle appraiser’s license at all. Most are “certified” by another “internet” company or worse, self declared certified.

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