portland auto appraiserLooking for a certified and licensed Portland auto appraiser? Diminished Value of Oregon’s Senior appraiser, Ken Nix, is licensed and authorized by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Great State of Oregon to Appraise Vehicles. Whether it is an import or domestic vehicle, Ken Nix can help you obtain a credible valuation on your vehicle.

Mr. Nix specializes in late model diminished value appraisals and total loss fair market appraisal and valuation. All appraisals follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice also known as USPAP. These standards are mandatory in Oregon for Real Estate Appraisals, but not so for automotive. Many firms may claim to follow USPAP standards, while actually only supplying comparables. A very common misconception among auto appraisers is that their appraisals are USPAP compliant as long as they include like, kind and quality comparables in the valuation.

Vehicles that are within Ken Nix’s scope include but may not be limited to:

✅ Late model Import and Domestic Automotive Motor Vehicles
✅ RV Appraisal, Motorhomes, Diesel Pushers, 5th Wheel Trailers, and Campers.
✅ Classic Car Appraisal
✅ Luxury High Line Luxury Vehicle Appraisal
✅ Exotic Car and Super Car Appraisal
✅ Muscle Car Appraisal
✅ Kit Car Appraisal
✅ Motorcycle Appraisal including Motorcycle Diminished Value Appraisals

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