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On January 12, 2014
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Excellent insurance company to deal with.

allstateAllstate Diminished Value Formula. Normally we don’t see Allstate using a specific diminished value formula. They normally have a local appraiser work for them in determining the loss of value. Allstate is normally a very easy company to deal with. Very seldom do I ever hear of someone having problems with them. Whether it is their own insurance company or not.

I’d rate Allstate as being one of the best insurance companies in Oregon. They normally don’t put up a fight when it comes to having a vehicle fixed right and will normally listen to reason. One of the best things I can say about Allstate is that I don’t remember hearing a single client telling me an Allstate rep has given them bad or misinformation about diminished value. Which is amazing as this is a very common problem. Most insurance claims reps tend to stretch the truth or flat out lie to get a claimant to no file for diminished value. Allstate reps seem to have higher ethics instilled in them compared to the majority out there.

Of course, Allstate doesn’t want to pay diminished value, but normally they don’t clients a huge fight with a good solid appraisal. They especially seem to accept credible appraisals that have actual market comparables at face value. They also like to see the methodology of how the appraiser came to their conclusion. So diminished value calculators and hidden formulas don’t seem to hold much credibility with them.

Excellent insurance company to deal with.
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