Although Caliber Collision auto Body repair may restore your vehicle to its original condition after an accident, it’s important to recognize that your vehicle’s value may still be diminished. The at-fault driver’s insurance company should compensate you for this loss even after covering the repair costs. The truth is, a car or truck that has been in a collision and undergone repairs often faces challenges when it comes to resale value. Imagine buying a vehicle from a dealer and learning that it had a major collision and even suffered frame damage.

  • Would you be willing to pay the full list price for such a vehicle?
  • What if the car also had a negative history report?
  • Perhaps the dealer wouldn’t disclose who or where it was repaired. Was it done by a reputable shop or by amateurs?
  • These are the questions that potential buyers have when considering a vehicle with prior collision damage, regardless of how well the repairs were done.
  • How much of a discount would it take for you to choose the car with previous damage over a vehicle that’s never been in a wreck?

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Caliber Collision Auto Body and Collision Repair DIminished Value

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