Do I Qualify for Diminished Value?

Any vehicle in a collision, will suffer diminished value. Qualifying to claim Diminished Value is normally very easy to determine in Oregon, as long as the other person was at fault. Most people believe that Diminished Value is a new thing. Actually Oregon has case law from the 1930’s pertaining to diminished value that’s still relevant today. Since most people with 3rd party claims will qualify, it’s easier to determine if you won’t qualify.

You normally will not qualify for a Diminished Value Claim if:


  • You were at fault in the collision.
  • You’ve already signed a form to release the insurance company of any further liability.
  • You are leasing your vehicle.
  • The collision caused less than $500.00 in damage. (unless the vehicle’s pre-loss value was more than $15,000.)
  • More than Six Years have elapsed since the accident and Oregon’s Statute of Limitations has expired.
  • The title to the vehicle has a brand attached to it, such as “Totaled or “Reconstructed”.
  • You car, truck or motorcycle has had a previous collision with structural or frame damage.
  • Your Car is more than 10 years old or has excessive mileage. Unless it is a luxury vehicle, high-performance sports car, truck, or RV.
  • Your vehicle was previously totaled.

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