Diminished Value

Oregon Diminished Value: Pipe Dream or Real Money You Are Owed?

What is your Insurance Adjuster hiding?


Hiding?  If denying, playing dumb, misdirection and preventing you from receiving what is owed to you is hiding, then that word has meaning. To most of you, hiding is not the word you may use to describe their actions. Lying, cheating, fraud, rip-off, stealing, scam, manipulation and even scum-sucking may be more appropriate adjectives to use.

and even scum-sucking may be more appropriate adjectives to use.

So what is Diminished Value and how does it affect me? Diminished Value, or DV as many call it, is the depreciation of value on a vehicle that has been wrecked, even if it has been completely repaired to manufacture specifications. Buyer perception plays an important role in Oregon Diminished Value, as a buyer is less likely to purchase a vehicle that has had previous damage when compared with a vehicle that has never had any damage. If you’re looking for dvfinal, you’re in the right place.

Two Mercedes, both 1 year old with 10,000 miles. Both cars are offered for sale for $30,000. They both run, drive and look exactly the same. Only one difference, One car has a history of $5000 of previous damage. Which car would you buy? If you said the one with previous damage, you’re about to make your insurance adjuster very happy. Of course if they were the same price, no one is going to pick the one with previous damage. So how much would they have to knock off to entice you to purchase that vehicle? A thousand? Five Thousand? Ten? Give it to you? That amount is value that has been diminished by the buyer’s perception. A person’s perception is their reality and will in turn reflect the amount they are willing to pay. If you need to find your cars MPG, you can go to torquecars.com.

Damage destroys the demand for the vehicle

Since Value of a vehicle is based on supply and demand, then reduction of the demand for a product will directly relate to the value of said product. In this case, $5000 worth of Damage destroys the demand for the vehicle. Even a rare limited edition Ferrari can have diminished value if it is wrecked and repaired by a Ferrari factory specialist. Should you just believe in your Insurance adjuster to “do the right thing”? Or, should you hire a professional, unbiased appraiser to determine the real value before and after the accident to determine what is truly owed to you?

Tactics Adjusters May Employ?

Many Insurance Adjusters have been directed and schooled on the art of negotiation. They may employ the use of word tracts or scripts to make you believe you’re asking for something that either isn’t the norm or they have never paid out. Here’s some examples:

  • Diminished value? What’s that?
  • Why would you think your car qualifies for diminished value?
  • I don’t see any reason we would pay you more, the car has been fixed.
  • That’s only on Totaled cars.
  • That’s only on cars we don’t Total.
  • I believe you’re asking for something you don’t qualify for.
  • Diminished Value? Hah! That’s a joke.
  • Where have you been getting your misinformation?
  • Who put you up to asking about something that doesn’t exist?
  • Your car isn’t Totaled.
  • Sure, but your car is Totaled.
  • Pay for your appraisal? I didn’t authorize that.

Here’s what our clients are saying about us:

  • “I sent off your report and had a 5 minute phone call  with the adjuster and settled my diminished value claim for $5,000.00” – K Kreiling
  • “I sent copy of you incredible report and they came back with $10,000.  No battle at all against your documentation.” L Rivara
  • We just settled for $4,600. No attorney and just your appraisal. Thanks so much for all your help I’ll definitely use your services in the future.” Tammy B.

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