Diminished Value Desk Appraisal

Diminished Value Desk Appraisal – Specific to OR. or WA. Only.  Cost: $175 – Limited Time Sale: $150.

D.V.D.A.’s (Diminished Value Desk Appraisals) are based on your supplied information and do not include a physical inspection of your vehicle. You still receive a quality appraisal based on the same standards our Premium appraisals follow, but these are designed for the budget minded owner. This type of appraisal compares to appraisals from DVCheck.com, Autoloss.com, CollisionClaims.com or American Insurance Advocate Group at diminishedvaluereport.org where they may normally do not provide a physical inspection. Most of these companies charge a minimum of $199 for their similar “Desk” appraisal.

Some insurance companies such as State Farm may request a Physical Inspection. In the event they do, you can either pay $75 for an inspection at our office, or you can pay the difference between the amount you paid and the cost of our Premium appraisal to receive the best appraisal available.

What comes with a D.V.D.A.? You receive a USPAP compliant desk appraisal. Again, this appraisal is for the economy minded individual and does not include the same depth of research our premium appraisals do. We do provide Sample Demand letters for both the At-Fault Insurance Company and the At-Fault Driver that reference Ordinance 20.080 if in Oregon or our Standard demand letters if in Washington. We also provide full instructions and limited support to help you with your claim. This does not include any expert witness fees if your claim goes to arbitration or court.

To order, start with either the Short Free Estimate form below and an appraiser will be in touch with you shortly after submission.